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Frequently asked questions

What type of meters does Gulf Coast Measuring (GCM) calibrate?
  Turbine Meters, Coriolis Meters, Positive Displacement Meters, Ultrasonic Meters

What type of measurement does GCM provide?
  Mass Measurement and Volumetric Measurement

Can GCM prove my high throughput meter?
  Yes, we can handle rates from 1BPH - 7000BPH

What is the highest pressure you can handle?
  We have 900 ansi provers capable of 2240 psi working pressure.

Are your provers equiped for liquid density measurement?
  Yes, we have density meters on our provers.

Do you service meters in the Eagle Ford shale and Barnett shale regions?
  We have measurement technicians in both of those areas frequently.

Do you have a location in south Texas?
  We are opening an office in Goliad, Texas soon. Please check back for updates.

What does it take for GCM to come to my facility?
  Contact us by phone or email.

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