Portable small volume prover sizes

Calibron 25 and 35

FMD 25, 35 and 60

600 and 900 ANSI Ratings

Portable ball Prover Sizes

6" and 8" Ball Provers

300 and 600 ANSI Ratings


We utilize PROVEit software for all of our portable provings. PROVEit is a comprehensive and integrated software package that is used to prove, track and manage meter performance data based on the American Petroleum Institute's (API's) Chapter 12.2

Density Measurement

We use Micro Motion coriolis meters for our live density readings that are required for an accurate mass proving. We verify the density each time we prove with a certified Pycnometer Ball and capture 3 consecutive runs per API standards.


Custom adapters can be made to hook up to your specific connections.